Annual Activity 2015-2016

Annual Activity Report 2015-2016





WINGS was established on the 24th of April in the year of 1998 as a non-profit, voluntary organization with a member of enthuastic educated youths to do something for the development of the society. WINGS head office SAMANNAY HOUSING COMPLEXE, D-12, BISHNU RABHA PATH, BELTOLA, GUWAHATI- 28, by a group of profession and experts from various fields a strong desire to uplift the poor and down trodden people. It is a non- profit organization based in rural area of Assam state.


To create a society where each and every citizens of our society look forward and involve to act for the human kind through welfare activities and every citizen avails basic needs and services as to have their life and self respect, dignity and pride education for all.


Sustainable development through community approaches empowering them in every atmosphere and for over all socio-economic upliftment through proper process as well as rural development in every side by side 2025AD.


  • To build up capacity of the Community for self help and self reliance.
  • To bring sustainable development of the society.
  • To uplift weaker sections and population at risk.
  • To act as a catalyst for social change and social movement in order to bring peace, prospects of rural society.
  • To sensitize the people for sustainable environment development and conservation.
  • To educate people for wise use of available natural resource for future generation.
  • To facilitate and channelize resource available with external agency and local resources for welfare and development of people.
  • To development socio-economic and health condition of the people specially of backward community.
  • To be centre for human resource development.


WINGS supporting agencies are Government, NGO, Supporting Agencies, people’s organization, Panchayatiraj institution, Individual experts as clients as individual group, community as a whole are partners of welfare integrated North-East Goodwill Society, GCS Group Chandigarh, Nedro, Kolkata.


Our society has always accorded great emphasis on the promotion and preservation of the indigenous art and culture of the state. We have organized various seminars, workshop, fine arts, visual arts, mass media arts, including folk music, folk dance, and drama etc.

WINGS is actively working in the fields of cultural promotion and growth of integrate of our state. So at Garuaghuli, Sonapur, Tepesia, Dist- Kamrup(M) we arranged 2 days programs from 19th to 20st April 2016. Our mission was to preserve our cultural heritage by protecting the materials and safe guard the classical folk and Tribal traditional and to promote folk the diversity of cultural experiences on by providing supports and creating conductive environment. On the program we invited Dr. Pradip Thakuria, Bhabi Ram Saikia, Narayan Bhuyan, Rameswar Hazarika. Our society is actively working in the field of cultural promotion and the diversity of cultural expression by providing supports and creating conductive environment through performance publication which the basic cultural aesthetic, sensibilities of the people remain active and dynamic by scouting for talent in music, dance, acting, Fine arts etc. from different parts of villages and providing them with adequate opportunity and exposure for developing their talents.


WINGS society is working on various issues of community health including eradiction of blindness preventive eye care. Programs community rehabitation services, plight of women and children affected by various diseases, drug de-addiction, control of alcoholism, prevention and awareness of HIV and other communicable diseases including leprosy, etc. To control of the population of the world all the countries have taken concrete steps. Our society also encouraged some of these processes of reproductive child health program. For these we selected Morigaon district under development block Mayang, Gomariguri, Sutagomariguri, Laharighat, Mikirbheta. Our society health checkup camp at sotobori, hariabori rukminigaon tepesia etc. we were made the people aware of family planning.

The camps were organized many to make the children aware about health and hygiene of their house and the neighboring areas.


On 12th July of 2015 one of the major steps that WINGS has taken to provide financial help to old and homeless people.  WINGS financially help 25 old aged persons who are living under below poverty line in the Megzin, VIP Road, Sonapur, Pathorkuchi. Organization provides Blankets and bad sheets, clothes and also a few cash through the members. Financial assistance was to provide to the deprived children of the state, children who were forced to work. In match or anabatic factories or hotels, restaurants round the clock due to their very poor family background were targeted in this project.


From 22th Nov to 24th Nov of 2015 WINGS organized 3 days children promotional program at Rani kamrup district. The Program involves awareness meeting and events with children and parents. The main of the project was good education of children, basic necessities, and children’s health. Program also involves withdrawn of children from work by providing educational alternatives. Our resource person encouraged the parents to send children’s to the schools so that they could lead a normal life and financially independent.

We absolutely believe in the saying health is wealth  therefore we are devotedly engaged in providing services related to health through our child health care program. Thus we have organized many medical camps under our health care program the people who are not able to get appropriate treatment for their allinments are provide them proper medicines. In this program we have shown the parents and peoples child labour is emerging as major problem in our society that needs. We encouraged art contest program for the children. It develops confidence in self expression as well as a change of pride and achievements when they receive prize. Art contest involving project can also show children that taking part of competition in an enjoyable expression in self. 


From 31st Jan to 2nd Feb of 2016 WINGS organized a cloth distribution program. Our society has worked very diligently on the welfare of poor and backward peoples. This winter, many poor villagers in many districts of Assam not be able to buy warm clothes.  Especially the women and children will suffer more. To help these less fortunate, WINGS distribute 2000 warm clothes to the villagers of Tepesia, Narengi, Bonda and Hariabori (Morigaon) and also the flood affected areas of Kamrup District. WINGS members has visited different villages and distributed directly to the targeted peoples. 


On 29th of May 2016 WINGS organized a fishery training program for the villagers of Morigaon Baruwakati (Morigaon), Soruborigaon, Sonapur, Kamrup district mostly farmers, cultivators and agriculture related rural peoples. Advancement in systems of aquaculture standardization of breeding techniques and development of package of culture practices has substantially increased the fish production. So, WINGS has made an effort to train the right person in the field of fisheries to disseminate the knowledge to the farmers with Agriculture officer Mr. Ratul Bora,  Tulika Das, Nitu Saikia (Dist. Officer), Niru Saikia (VLEW).


On 5th of September WINGS organized free computer training for job seeking youth of the state. Though computer skill is a very essential need to every walk in our life, WINGS arranged a Computer training program for the youth for applying these skills in various sectors of industry and working levels. The training program held at Beltola Kundilnagar, Dist- Kamrup with 30 Students (2 batch).Resource person MrBhaskar jyoti kumar, Pankaj Chirang, Sikha Narah, Ranjit Saikia taught the students about basic operations  to operate a system,  Microsoft  word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint . They practiced using MS word, MS PowerPoint, Excel. Students created their own activities like formatting documents, presentations using the command keys. Again we provide free training to the un employed woman for the development of their skill.


On 10th of Mars 2016 WINGS organized a skill development program at Bhetapara Kundilnagar, Bongaon L.P. school, Saraighat Institution by Resource persons J.Rabha IIE Lalmati, Guwahati. In this financial year WINGS has organized many programs for the peoples of our area mostly who belongs to poor families and are mostly unemployed. The main of the project to train the poor people like computer repairing, zariwork, dress making, cutting, stitching, handloom, bamboo handcrafts. After the training session and learning exchange most of them could secure employment for themselves in the local industries.

SHG Formation:

 The organization organize promotional activity, camps for SHG, for SC ST and OBC in Hariabori sorubori and baroukata of Morigaon district of assam 7th of june 2015 and made the people aware of how to form SHGs. Our organization formed 50 SHG in the respective village. WINGS organize promotional activity camps for Self help Groups to made the people aware of how to form better SHG.  We conducted 3 days SHG orientation program at Bora colony, Hajombari and Maligaon Kamakhyagate and Morigaon Baruakuchi From 20.06.2015 to 22.06.2015. Our guest made the formed SHG aware of different trades like poultry, weaving, piggery etc and how they get advantage from government.

The objective of the program includes:

  1. Able to provide their children a better life.
  2. Self Dependency
  3. To avail credit from Formal credit companies.
  4. Increase the income level.