Annual Activities 2016-2017




WINGS  was  established on the 28th of April in the year of 1990 as a non – profit, voluntary organization with the member of enthuastic educated youths to do something for the development of the society. WINGS head office NANDANPUR  PATH , BELTOLA , GUWAHATI -28,by a group of professionals experts from various fields with a strong desire to uplift the poor and down trodden people . It is a non-profit organization based in rual area of Assam state.


To create a society where each and every citizens of our society look forward and involve to act for the human kind through welfare activities and every citizen avails basic needs and services as to have their life and self respect, dignity and pride education for all.


Sustainable  development through community approaches empowering them in every atmosphere and for over all socio- economic upliftment through proper process as well as rural development in every side by side 2025AD.


  • To build up capacity of the Community for self help and self reliance.
  • To bring sustainable development of the society.
  • To uplift weaker sections and population at risk.
  • To act as a catalyst for social change and social movement in order to bring peace, prospects of rural society.
  • To sensitize the people for sustainable environment development and conservation.
  • To educated people for wise use of available natural resource for future generation.
  • To facilitate and channelize resource available with external agency and local resources for welfare and development of people.
  • To development socio- economic and health condition of the people especially of backward community.
  • To be centre for human resource development.


WINGS   supporting agencies are Government , NGOS   Supporting Agencies, people’s organization , panchayatiraj institution , Individual experts as clients as clients as individual group, community  GCS as a whole are partners of WINGS welfare integrated North-East Goodwill  Society. GCS  Group Chandigarh, Nedro, Kolkata, Adarsha Janakalayan Sadhan UP.


WINGS has been conducting a free computer programme for the unemployment youth . Our organization also help to poor educated girl and boy to learning the computer basic knowledge 55 Nos. youth are also trained by the organization.  In this training we provided computer education free of cost to the youth of the poor families without any caste and creed , E literacy training job oriented computer cross software basic computer literacy. Our aims to unemployment  youth can start small time entrepreneurship after successful training on operating and computer Internet .


The community is mobilized for village mass cleaning to create awareness on the importance of cleanliness, waste disposal ,etc. On Sunday 5th may / our members With all villagers streets Bhetapara  ashok path, Bishnu Rabha are cleaned and the waste disposed in the Dustbins kept for the purpose. In this regards we offered some of dustbins for the public used Where GMC,S Dustbin were not available. So our ambitions were to aware common public which could be always used these Dustbins and maintained cleanliness in their areas then they do not suffered bad smelling from disposals and taught them others future generation. So we creates awareness for these general knowledge for future generation as well as all dwellers of their villagers and spreading the general moral duties of citizens.


On 27 March 2016 , “WINGS” has organized the Free Training on  Tailoring, weaving, Spinning & Embroidery at economically backward village Majgaon where 35 Nos. of widow & uneducated girls were participated in that programme. The master, expert Trainers of Handloom Mrs. Run Bora Gayan taught various desing &  Techniques by machines. The trainers have discussed with the economically backward families participant to take a income sources where the bank would provide facilities under MSME  scheme. The “WINGS” has organized against two days long Handloom training programme for SHGs in the year of 20016-17 at Kulhat village under Kamrup District,  Assam. There were 100 Nos. of women participated the training programme. The expert from district handloom office discussed about  various design of Handloom in the camp advised to weavers how benefited them by the product of handloom.


The protection and preservation of our environment and forest has always been one of the main aims of “WINGS” . We have organized environmental awareness camps,  school environ clubs, various exhibitions on environment issue to create awareness, and also we have encouraged several self help group to conduct programmes towards protection of the environment. To this end, “WINGS” had organized a tree plantation programme at Sonapur area by the side of NH 37 on 16th August,2016. The organization has planted 500 Medicinal Tree Plants in different area of Sonapur. And most of the villagers had participated in this programme and they had participated in this programme and they had highly praised the Organization .


Agriculture is the backbone of the rural masses of Assam . Over eighty percent of the population is dependant on some form of agriculture for their subsistence. As such our Society has been giving much emphasis on the development of agriculture in our area. This year we organized 3 one-week workshops for the local farmers with assistance from the Agriculture Extension Officer on the proper use of irrigation, manure and pesticides. We also met the farmers while they were busy in the fields, and distributed pesticides to them.


The welfare of animals and birds has been one of the prime concerns of our Society. As such, we are operating Animal Care Centre at Guwahati City for several years, wherein experienced veterinary doctors treat the suffering animals free of cost. We also regularly conduct field veterinary care camps during the floods for treating the affected cattle and poultry at  various places of the Kamrup district.

We have been promoting animal husbandry in a big way in our area. This year we distributed piglets and ducklings to over 30 SHGs who raise pigs and ducks. We also held several vaccination camps, with the collaboration of the Veterinary doctors, for the cattle of the area. Publicity campaigns on the need of promoting animal husbandry as a means of self sufficiency among the youth.                                                                                                                                                                                              AWARENESS CAMP FOR WOMAN EDUCATION:

Awareness camp in Adult Education with special emphasis to woman education were held in Mayan, Hariabori, Doloi Chuba , Kolongpar Sonapur of Morigaon district and Tetelia of Kamrup(Metro)in October 2016. The aim of the camp was to increase the rate of girl child education together with women education so that they can contribute to the income source of the family and standard of living. The women came in huge numbers and expressed their willingness to get education so that  they  don’t have to be dependent on their husbands.  They also said that they are all ready to send the girls of their houses  irrespective of the child being their granddaughter or their own daughter for education so that they become responsible future citizens of the country who knows their rights and duties and don’t stay suppressed by the norms of the society. They said that they want to approach the PR of their areas for starting Woman Adult Education in their areas.


In the month of November 2016, a daylong Adivashi Community Development camps were organized in Kallyden Hatigaon Tea Estate and Udmari Misa Tea Estate of Nagaon district where matters related to helth and literacy was discussed. About 200 people attended the awareness camp which was basically to make the people aware of their health, why they should take treatment at the right time and not over look even the slightest health symptoms. The consultants also asked them to send their girl child to school, not to get them married before the legal age for which both legal and medical reasons were given .


The organization organized one –day training camps in Padumoni, Chalchali, Hatigaon and Sapanola of Nagaon district in August 2016 in livelihood where a total of 210 participants attended who were made aware about Dairy and agricultural farming. The youth of the area were made aware of the vast scope in the said farming and also said about the schemes of the government which are made for people of the rural areas.  They were asked to prepare proposals and submit to the bank of their area. The local leaders and PR who were present during the camps assured the participants that they will do their outmost in helping the youth establish their units.


Homelessness and streets life has extremely detrimental effect on children. Their unstable lifestyle, lack of clothes, proper medical care and inadequate living condition increase young people susceptibility to chronic illness such as respiratory or ears infection, disorders and sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS.

The members of “WINGS” have undertaken a two days child welfare programme in Narengi area and distributed light food and cloth to those homeless parenst and their kids. In this course, we have distributed clothes, sweets and snacks amongst over 100 children of the age from 4-16 years of age group who have been staying on footpaths and by the side of railway lines in Satgaon areas on 15th may 2016.


The Computer application Training initiated by Aashaa Bora Foundation in the previous financial year continued during this year. The organization has taken great initiatives to provide computer training to the underprivileged students for applying this skill in various sectors of the industry.

A batch of 16 students attended the Computer Application Training Programme held at the Field office, Near Forest Range Office, Sonapur, Dist- Kamrup(M), Assam . This training programme commenced on 19th April and concluded on 2nd May . Students practiced using Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point . They created presentations and text document, command keys and formatting material for ease of reading . Mr. Alakesh Kalita, BCA, from Third Eye Collage, Guwahati , Assam was the Resource Person for this programme.


This year, the organization has financial help to 18 Nos. of old aged men, those which are lived under bellow poverty line in the society. The “WINGS” has provide Blankets, Woolen Clothes, Bed sheet ect.  to old aged men and few cash through the member  of the Society. Moreover, Society has given moral support to all old aged men of the community.