About Wings


Wings was established on the 28th of April in the year of 1990 as a non – profit, voluntary organization with the member of enthuastic educated youths to do something for the development of the society. WINGS head office NANDANPUR PATH , BELTOLA , GUWAHATI -28,by a group of professionals experts from various fields with a strong desire to uplift the poor and down trodden people . It is a non-profit organization based in rual area of Assam state.

To create a society where each and every citizens of our society look forward and involve to act for the human kind through welfare activities and every citizen avails basic needs and services as to have their life and self respect, dignity and pride education for all.

Sustainable development through community approaches empowering them in every atmosphere and for over all socio- economic upliftment through proper process as well as rural development in every side by side 2025AD.

Wings is a  voluntary , nonprofit  rural  Development  & urban development  organization .  Committed for  the  empowerment  and  emancipation  of  women  children,  aged  and  needy  masses.

Wings  longstanding desire is to support the under privileged and disadvantaged members of the society.  Awareness and education bring empowerment and  empowerment   leads to sustainability.

It is a charity organization which supports country women to reach economic independence women get training in manufacturing paper toys and day products. This happened in large common space.

The major dims twin objectives of the society one to empower the rural women through Skill training and education and assist handicapped people to lead a sustainable physical life by giving them a Skill to earn a decent income.

A group of social activist, a free lance social workers by desire, with the passion to help and serve the deprived and disadvantaged people of the native villages.

At present the trust is conducting no formal education or working children in evening, promoting education among village children & youths. Strengthening  of parents & teachers in villages to bring down the school drop out , cost providing wearing cloths, organizing health and human right awareness and education alternative Skill training for skill  labour, self employed training           for poor un educated women , girls formation  SHG groups.

Wings performing itself in doing services to mankind  towards its up gradation .

Assam has facing severer natural  calamities since along period of time geographically the state of Assam salts under a zone where scope of natural disaster is very high . The floods erosion, landslide are most common phenomena where the people of this  part has been facing .